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Ontario’s Municipalities are Going to the Polls on
October 22, 2018.

During the Municipal Elections, voters have the opportunity to elect their mayor, municipal councilors, as well as school trustees.

The Election is a critical opportunity for your library to capture the attention of candidates and secure their support on issues important to your local library.

Throughout the year, we will need you to share your voice to make sure that all candidates understand the profound impact that School, local and First Nations Public Libraries have on your communities and to raise awareness of the issues that we as a sector are working on across Ontario.


Libraries Election Guide


Communicating the value of libraries during the Municipal Election

Civic Engagement at Your Library

Civic Engagement at Your Library

Supporting civic engagement at your library

Ontario Libraries Election Brief

Ontario Libraries Election Brief

Share this hand out with your local candidates


Local/Municipal Elections 2018

Learn more about Municipal Library Board Appointments

Is your library doing something innovative to engage your patrons this election? Drop us a line and let us know!

Email us at sroberts@accessola.com

For the past three municipal elections Cornwall Public Library has held an “All-Candidates Meet-and-Greet” and Q & A. Members of the community provide questions, and each candidate takes a turn to answer them.

This year Cornwall Public Library will be having an information session for candidates and potential candidates at the library in conjunction with the City Clerk and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Dawn Kiddell, CEO and Chief Librarian, Cornwall Public Library

Public Librarians from Manitoulin Island ask candidates about their commitment to increased public library funding.

University of Toronto’s engaging young voters with their Top 10 tips for Ontario Election Voters & Social Media outreach.

The Toronto Public Library has created an interactive website called Know Your Vote T.O., complete with non-partisan info on what ward you’re in, who the candidates are and what they have to say, and even summaries of the major issues. They’ll share the code for the website with other libraries across North America, so you can have an easy framework to create similar tools in your own local elections.